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Maira Adaro

Quality Manager
Public Translator

Maira is a public translator of English from the National University of Córdoba and worked as a freelance linguist for BT from 2017 to 2021. Before joining as a QA Manager, she taught classes of English at different companies, gave copywriting services for a design company, and worked as a terminology and bibliography reviewer for the United Nations.

Her attention to detail, her willingness to help others, her way of dealing with people, and her years of experience make her a great asset to achieving excellent quality.

Since she is very curious and enjoys learning new stuff, Maira is finishing her Master’s Course in Compared Cultures and Literature, and guess what!? Translation will be the core of her thesis.

*Curious fact: In her free time, she enjoys reading, walking, and doing yoga.


Luz Vázquez

Luz has a degree in Translation, from the National University of Córdoba. Since she was a child she knew she wanted to study translation because she loves languages, especially English. She is sympathetic, organized, and responsible, and can easily adapt to unexpected situations. She loves teamwork, finding solutions, and giving a pep talk when needed.

Before joining BT, she worked as an in-house linguist at a different company in charge of the healthcare team. Because of her leading capacities, she became BT’s Vendor Manager and QA Assistant.

* Curious fact: although she focused on translation, she also loves interpreting. She also studied photography and in her free time, she loves exercising and spending time with friends and family.

Sofía Homobono

Project Manager
Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist 

Sofía jumped into our wagon in March 2022 as a Project Manager. She has a BA in marketing and is also studying business administration. Her soft spot is graphic design and photography, which knowledge she applies to her everyday tasks as a PM. She enjoys new challenges and learning new stuff.

Her previous experience leading a team of 20 people, taught her the importance of effective communication and being organized with available resources to meet deadlines and keep up with the quality standards required by clients.

*Curious facts: She is an avid sportswoman, she practiced figure-skating for 10 years as well as dancing and horse-riding

Sofía Boné

Project Manager
Sworn Translator of English

Sofia became part of BT’s Project Management Team in 2022. As a project manager, she is in charge of receiving, planning, and delivering projects in order to achieve the ultimate goal of satisfying the clients’ needs. She enjoys the creative and communicative process that means being a project manager as she believes in creating professional and honest relationships with coworkers and clients.

Having worked for several years as a professor and a translator, she has developed strong expertise in language use, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity, strong oral and written communication as well as problem-solving skills.

*Curious facts: She has an Italian language and culture course degree and she has always wanted to learn Arabic. Besides, she loves writing in her free time and has already written a short novel.

Lucía Lambertti

Project Manager
Sworn Translator of English

Lucía joined BT in March 2022. She is in charge of organizing and planning projects to meet tour clients’ expectations. She enjoys teamwork and dealing with clients as well as linguists anticipating and helping to solve issues as fast and effectively as possible.

*Curious facts: Her dream is to know the Great Wall of China.

Muriel Bareiro

Project Manager
Sworn Translator of English

Muriel joined our team by mid-2021. She holds a university degree in Spanish Translation from UNC (National University of Córdoba) and has experience in gastronomy and tourism translation. Her experience working in gastronomy allows her to remain calm and resourceful under pressure. She also believes that teamwork is essential and is always willing to help her teammates.

*Curious facts: she’s a professional pastry chef and loves video games.