After more than 20 years in the translation business working with different Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools, Baquero Translations decided that it was time to make a great leap and dive into a cloud-based Translation Management System. Actually, there were two main reasons behind this decision. BT’s annual growth rate is a constant reminder that a change was required to keep up with the pace. With a 30 % interannual growth in the last 4 years, including the rocky 2020; understanding that BT needed to deploy a tool that would help us automate our production process from end to end ‑from Project Management to Client Delivery.

The second reason is related to the fast-paced context we live in. Loads of information are being produced worldwide-faster than ever; likewise, their translated counterparts are demanded as fast and furious taking quality as a given. BT could not contact Toretto to help us, but we incorporated MemoQ server as our main TMS to satisfy our clients’ needs.

With this tool, each step in the process of translation has become more efficient. The traffic of files has been reduced, we can now avoid the hustle of sharing files for translation, editing, and proofreading to different linguists again and again. Our Project Managers can now simply upload files for translation into a server. Now almost all the material needed to work can be found on the server.

More volume of work can be done in less time. Translation projects can now be assigned to multiple linguists who can work together and share in real-time every single phrase and term they translate on the spot. So if a client needs big volumes to be translated in shorter time frames, several linguists can simultaneously translate the same project and share their translation decisions in real time with one another, which results in consistency between linguists, and fewer quality issues. The tool also allows our QA team to start working on the review (editing) and proofreading even if translators have not completely finished their files. This allows BT to shorten its turn-around time since we no longer need to wait for one linguist to finish their work in order to start QAing.

Project managers are involved more actively in the whole process of the project, solving any issues or doubts on the spot. With our server solution, we can monitor the progress of each person working on a translation job to know how far they have reached, help linguists manage their time in big projects, and avoid any delays in the schedule. BT can now predict if a linguist will not be able to deliver on time and take action to meet clients’ deadlines before due.

In addition, our system also integrates Machine Translation Post Editing into the natural workflow of a translation project. Certain documents can be translated automatically with trained dedicated translation engines and then post edited by a human translator to polish up translation errors. Innovation and investment are at the core of each industry, and at Baquero Translations, we will always keep up with the latest developments. Reach us to know more about it and how we can help you meet your translation needs in the fastest and top-notch way.

By: Juan Baquero