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15 years of experience

Since 2001, we are providing professional translation and localization services from English into Spanish for the main and most demanding MLVs and End-Clients. As a company, we have dedicated our 15-year experience to streamline the process of our projects and master the use of technology applied to translation up to such an extent that we have become consultants for both our clients and competitors.


We pride ourselves on our own client’s referrals, they know what to expect from us:

  • Great company to work with. A fantastic team with on time delivery and perfect work. We don’t have to worry about our projects when they are being handled by Baquero Translations.


  • Baquero Translations has been able to help me with fast-turnaround projects on many occasions. We have worked together on several challenging requests as well, and their team has always gone out of their way to help out and to meet the client's requirements without compromising quality. I have always found them to be professional and friendly. I am extremely satisfied with their work.


  • Baquero has been a long time trustworthy partner of us, their project managers and linguists are highly responsive and capable, they always provide quotes promptly and deliver on time. Baquero spares no efforts in answering our queries and has always impressed us with their supreme linguistic quality in translation.


  • Responsiveness
  • Reliability
  • Fast TAT
  • TEP services
  • ATA-Certified translators
  • Unrivalled command of CAT Tools
  • SDL Trados Server Based TMs
  • +15 years of experience
  • Fully integrated DTP service

We are proud to share some comments about our Director's presentation, Subtitling Cultural References, at the ATA 58th Annual Conference.
• Interesting, useful, and fun.
• The presentation was great and clearly explained best practices and solutions to common subtitling issues.
• A very interesting topic making clear that sometimes there are no ideal decisions.
• It was a very informative presentation. It showed the importance to identify cultural references to apply the best translation strategy. The examples through videos and charts were very effective. I hope to see Mr. Baquero the next ATA conference.
• I really enjoyed this. Very well-done. He did a good job reaching those who don't work in the field of subtitles.
• Very inspiring presentation! Attendees could learn the tact in dealing with the challenge of subtiling. The speaker was excellent in delivering his method.
• Absolutely wonderful presentation. Juan was amazing!
• What an interesting session- while this was on subtitles, but with current integration of digital content I found this discussion relevant to cultural context and to working to accommodating new style guides based on US Millennial speak. Well done!
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Un rico café un día #Lunes nos predispone muy bien para un buen inicio de semana.

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Subtítulos en español de IDGAF de Dua Lipa.

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Juan Baquero

Dua Lipa IDGAF_Subtítulos en español: t.co/mys88KKMEM a través de @YouTube

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Juan Baquero

TermExtract: t.co/jq9nob1RK5 a través de @YouTube

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Juan Baquero

#StrangerThings in 20 languages #LocWorld35 t.co/yPudDe0az0

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15 YEARS OF                        EXPERIENCE
Our translation services adhere to ASTM translation-quality
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