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Here is what our team of specialist have to offer:

Communicating effectively in a different language not only entails the correct and precise use of language but also making cultural adaptations for it to make adequate sense. So, we will eventually need to recreate a text for it to have the effect we pursue. Translating, localizing, and transcreating imply different cognitive, formal, and technical processes.

Audiovisual communication in different platforms and devices generated guidelines and processes for services like: transcription, subtitling, time coding, videogame translation, voice over, 508-Remediation, audio-description, etc. that are necessary to follow.

The translation done by machines specifically trained with AI followed by a correction process done by human translators specialized in such task allows us to be faster and more affordable. This combination of technology and human resources is known as “post-editing

All translations must go through different QA stages before being approved for publication. At Baquero Translations we provide separate and comprehensive editing, proofreading and QA services.

Before publication, most texts will require desktop publishing services. Texts in different languages vary in length, reading direction, graphical adequacy, etc. At Baquero Translations we count with desktop publishers and graphic designers that will make your text ready to be published in the format necessary according to the graphic requirements.

Oral translation is known as “interpreting.” Either consecutive or simultaneous, at Baquero Translations we count with interpreters for the successful communication in your event.

Our Project Management team will make sure to gather the right team and resources necessary to meet clients’ expectations.

With experience in the following sectors:

Translating humanitarian material to facilitate understanding between those affected by wars, natural disasters, harassment, and many other issues is of paramount importance worldwide. At Baquero Translations we count with a team specialized in translating for International Organizations.

Agreements ruled, rule, and will continue to rule our lives. Therefore legal translation is one of the most specialized fields since it is necessary to respect not only formal, terminological, grammatical, and usage aspects but also the individual characteristics of each judicial system.

From informed consents or protocols for an investigation to an explanation of benefits of a health care plan, translated materials should adjust to the reading and specialization level of their readership. At Baquero Translations, we have more than 20 years of experience in this field of specialization.

Choosing the right words may determine the success or failure of a transaction. At Baquero Translations we count with a team specialized in marketing and commercial documents.

IT requires translators to have a basic knowledge of the programming language so as to make the right decisions, and the technical knowledge so as to interpret these texts heavily loaded  with terminology.

Either user’s manuals of a machine, safety instructions, material about natural resources, new technologies, or fuel, translation should have the terminology approved for each field and be highly precise. One mistake or misinterpretation could imply great losses.

Translation in the military field requires a deep knowledge of its terminology and the strictest confidentiality given the sensitiveness of the material. At Baquero Translations, we usually translate material for the Air Force, Airports, Cybersecurity, armament, defense, etc.

Gamification is everywhere. For this reason, videogame translation became a field in itself, where it is necessary to know how it works and also the uses and habits of the gamers so as to adjust the translation to achieve the immersive experience the gamer expects.


US +1 786 7537650
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