There’s nothing you can manage that can’t be managed. Would it be to exaggerate if I said “All you need is PMing”? Well, after reading about project management you will realize how necessary it is for both, a company and its clients. Project management is essential since it leads a company’s production to be achieved in the best way possible. This means that a Project Manager has to meet clients’ requests, and, at the same time, she/he has to act according to the best interests of the company. For this, PMs need to do a careful analysis, assignment, control, and delivery. Easier said than done! That’s why we asked our staff for their opinion on successful project management:
  1. Be clear and precise:
“In order to prevent problems in our projects, we should be explicit and precise at communicating with our clients and resources. Thus, we should provide all the information and instructions that we have at our disposal; define preventive measures, if needed; and have a clear understanding about the scope of our job.” -Natalia Szachta, Production Manager, TILP Certified.
  1. Offer alternatives:
“Project managers should offer different alternatives to achieve the same goal. Some projects are sent in a preset way, after analyzing and resorting to our experience with other projects, we can come up with different ways of running it: a more efficient, safer and cheaper way. Communicating the best options for carrying out a project is an added value.” -Jorgelina Venturi, Project Manager
  1. Know how to prioritize:
“As PMs, we know that many times we are in a race against the clock. Everything has to be done perfectly. This is when we need to take action and knowing how to prioritize tasks is essential. Everything is important and everything needs to be done, but we cannot do everything at the same time while ensuring the best quality. Thus, we should take some minutes, analyze each task and prioritize. Watch out! Priorities can change all of a sudden, that’s why analyzing tasks permanently is so important to accommodate to the changing priorities.” -Catalina De Sanctis, Project Manager
  1. Do one thing at a time:
“Nowadays, multitasking is highly valued, and it is crucial in a PM’s job. However, we should not confuse how multitasking should be performed: take one step at a time. This does not mean to do it slowly, but to get it right the first time. You may try to do three or four things at the same time, and the result will usually be chaos. Thus, make a list of tasks, choose the most important one—not always the most urgent—focus on it to perform it without mistakes; and once you finish, move on to the next one. You will be more efficient as you will not need to clear up a mess. Do multitasking, but in a progressive manner.” -Andrea Chetti, Project Manager Successful PMing depends on these as well as on other good PMing practices. If life was a project, we could also apply them to our everyday life: be clear to avoid conflicts; offer alternatives; prioritize; and do your tasks one at a time. After all, PMing is all you need… By: Andrea Chetti.